Have you dreamed about hiring a personal chef? It sounds amazing, right?

You get home from work in the evening and get to relax with your family, eating the incredible, healthy, fresh meal that was cooked by an expert. You’re hosting a big party, and instead of stressing out over preparations and cooking, you get to enjoy yourself while a top chef makes food for everyone.

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There are a number of times you might be in need of a personal chef. Yet, the thought of taking the plunge and actually hiring one seems far-fetched and even a bit too luxurious for your life.

When you think of a personal chef you think of a cost higher than your mortgage, a gourmet kitchen in a mansion, and probably a maid and butler, too. You consider hiring one to be just a dream that will never come to fruition… that is, unless you win the lottery.

Would you believe that hiring a personal chef is a whole lot easier and less expensive than you imagine?! You don’t have to live in a mansion, you don’t have to have a really pretentious name, and you don’t have to choose between owning a car or hiring a personal chef.

In fact, if you think about it, with all the meals you plan that you never cook, and all the food waste that happens when your veggies rot in your crisper, you’re spending a lot of time, money, and effort on food right now and not reaping the benefits. Hiring a personal chef might just be the answer you’re looking for!

Take a look at why you should hire a personal chef.

Dreaming of a Personal Chef for your Home or Event? It’s Time to Say Yes.

The glory of having a personal chef cook for your family or your event isn’t just for the luxurious anymore. In the increasingly busy and fast-paced society, the name of the game is convenience!

You’re busy. You have other things on your plate that matter a whole lot more to you than cooking dinner each night or getting all of the food ready for your party. A personal chef can relieve you of a number of responsibilities that are weighing you down and provide you with numerous benefits:

Saving time and money

You think that hiring a personal chef is going to break the bank, but it will actually end up saving you time and money. Without having to partake in all of the planning, preparation, and cooking, you’ll find that you have a lot of time added back to your day.

When it comes to money, most people spend a lot more on food than they need to. Consider the cost of eating out once or twice a week and add it to the cost of buying all of the ingredients for meals you plan on cooking. Then, of course, include the expense of having to buy other groceries when some of your planned meals don’t work out.

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A typical family of four spends hundreds of dollars on food-related expenses each week. On the other hand, a personal chef costs about $80 per meal for a family of four, on average. Combine that benefit of cost with the other benefits and you’re sure to see why hiring a personal chef is a great idea.

Eat healthy

Your personal chef is going to make sure you’re eating healthy and delicious meals every night. You may try to eat healthy regularly, but you know you’re ordering in sometimes and resorting to junk a couple times a week when you run out of time to make your meals.

A personal chef is dependable. They’re not going to run out of time. They’re going to show up and cook you a healthy, tasty meal and you won’t have to resort to anything. When you hire a personal chef, you’ll know that you’re eating well.

No grocery shopping

Did you hear that? You don’t have to walk aimlessly and confused around the grocery store at 5pm any longer when you hire a personal chef.

Your chef is going to head to the market themself and buy high-quality ingredients to make an incredible meal. Instead of spending that time rushing around the store in frustration, you can head home and spend time with your family. If the personal chef is for an event, you get to take your time getting ready and enjoying yourself.

Not having to go to the grocery store is a huge reason why hiring a personal chef should be a top priority for most people.

No clean up

Another part of making dinner that takes up a lot of time is the clean up. This task has to be done every night when you’re just ready to sit down and relax. No one wants to finish their meal and start on the long process of clearing the table and cleaning the food and dishes.

Yes, your personal chef will take care of the clean up for you. Do you need to hear that again? Your personal chef will take care of the clean up for you. When you finish dinner, or your party ends, you can finally relax and let someone else do the dirty work for you.

Always fresh, always local

Personal chefs tend to buy fresh, local ingredients when they are able. They know the best places to find the highest-quality ingredients, and you get to benefit from it.

A personal chef isn’t going to just head to the big chain grocery store and buy the cheapest ingredients possible (which is what you do, you know it). Instead, they’re going to go out of their way to find the best of everything for you. They want their food to taste amazing so they’re going to go that extra mile to make it happen.

Customized menus

Your chef will learn everyone in your family’s preferences and needs. They’ll be able to create a menu that suits everyone and ensures high-quality food that will be loved.

Your chef will get to know you and will pay attention to the little things in order to make food that will please the masses. No tomatoes for one of you, no problem. Extra dressing for someone, they’ll get it.

With a personal chef, even your picky eaters will be pleased at dinner time.


You have a handful of regular meals that you make for dinner. While you try and branch out here and there, attempting a new recipe on occasion, you tend to make your fallbacks. It’s boring, no one is inspired, and there isn’t really any growth in tastes and food choices. You want to introduce new foods to your family but you don’t have a clue where to begin.

Hiring a personal chef will add variety into your family’s meals. Your chef loves to cook and make new things. Your family will experience new foods often as your personal chef creates a menu filled with variety.

Hiring a Personal Chef

Are you convinced? You’re still dreaming of it, of course. Well, it’s time to make that dream into a reality. The most convenient thing you can do for your family’s mealtime is to hire a personal chef. It will save you time and money, as well as free you from a whole lot of frustrating responsibility.

When you hire Galo Kitchen and chef Scott Baber, you’ll finally be excited for dinner again.