COVID-19 Safety Processes

A message from Scott about safety protocols

In this time of COVID-19, safe hygienic, and sanitary practices, while a requirement in this industry, are now more important than ever. I have always practiced proper local, state and federal requirements in food safety and hygienic code. I am SERV-SAFE Manager qualified, as well as many years of industry experience. To reflect these social changes, there will be:

  • Masks, gloves worn at all times. Sanitizing solution(s) will always be present.
  • No shaking of hands, or any body contact will occur.
  • Hands free financial transactions.
  • Always maintaining 6' distance as required by NYS mandate.
  • Your kitchen will be fully cleaned and surfaces sanitized upon completion of preparation for your family/personal dinner, or elegant private event.

I am also available to help:

  • guide you through your local grocery store, making the most of what is currently/seasonally available.
  • assess your food stores you currently have on hand w/out the need to purchase more and can prepare for a better shelf life.
  • teach proper food handling, storage and sanitation to keep everyone safe.

One could say that hiring a personal chef is the safest option for "dining out". That is my goal.

I look forward to providing you with an amazing dining experience, in a safe and clean environment.