About Galo Food Productions

meet scott & a bit about galo

Chef Scott Baber

A self taught veteran of the food world for over 30 years, executive chef Scott Baber cooks with passion, honesty, and thoughtfulness.

Coming up in the stylistic and competitive culinary scene in New York city, he has cooked in many notable venues, under gifted and celebrity chefs. In 2002, he migrated north to the Hudson Valley, where he continued to evolve his own signature style of presentation and flavors. He sources high-quality local ingredients for his meals, which can range from a luxurious dinner for 8 to a full wedding buffet-spread or plated meal for 200.

scott is fluent in many styles of cuisine, with a gravity to the Mediterranean region. He likes to describe his style as “refined comfort”, combining flavors and textures in ways that are both novel and eminently approachable. Scott prides himself on being as proficient a baker as cook, that he "can do it all."

in addition to the varied culinary offerings, every galo dinner will feature wines tailored to each menu and course. The intent is to demystify and cultivate the truly fascinating sphere of wine.

Galo Food Productions is his first solo venture. The name "Galo", translates loosely to "here you are" or "here you go". It has it origins from the days when his son, Tolin, then three years old, would offer something, he would say "ga-lo". It was then that scott knew the name for his own business, just waiting for the form it was to take. Now you too, can enjoy the talents and proficiency of Galo Food Productions.

Here you are 🙂

Scott is also currently in the process of creating "Catskill Common Kitchen", a shared commercial kitchen rental space and community collaboration. this project envisions job training for the local food economy, food education and business development.